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Seed packets are $2.50 CDN each for collected wild, $2.00 CDN each for hand-pollinated and $1.50 CDN each for open-pollinated seed.  One packet per lot per person. More may be ordered but are subject to availability. Updates as to availability will be made periodically.
ARHS MEMBERS: All orders must be on the form provided and should be received by February 28, 2005.
Non-MEMBERS: Seed may be ordered AFTER February 28 until April30, 2005 Please use the online form as above.
Save this seed list for some of the footnote information.

Send all orders to: Sharon Bryson, #407 Old Maryvale Rd., RR#3 Antigonish, Nova Scotia B2G 2L1 CANADA  
Please make your cheque or money order payable to 'Atlantic Rhododendron & Horticultural Society'.
Add $2.00 CDN for postage & padded envelope. Please list substitutes as quantities for some lots are small.
For enquiries:  email

- Please Note the Following Designation : NA (not available) -
List will be updated as supplies dictate.

US regulations now require an import permit and a phytosanitary certificate.
Seeds sent to the US will be shipped without a phytosanitory certificate and at the orderers’ risk.


DONORS:   BIR - Jens Birck, Copenhagen, Denmark   BRU - Joe Brusso, Hopkinton, Mass, USA   CHA  - Margaret Charlton, N. Vancouver, BC   CLY - Bruce Clyburn, New Waterford, NS   CRA - Donald Craig, Kentville, NS  CRE - Mike Creel, Columbia, S.C., USA    DOI - Yasuyuki Doi, Ishikari, Hokkaido, Japan    HAR - Joe Harvey, Victoria, BC    HEL - Mary Helleiner, Halifax, NS   HIN - Dave Hinton, Orono, ON   LEV - Sterling Levy, Fall River, NS   MAR - Don Martin, Chilliwack, BC   NIE - Jens Nielsen, Glendoick, Scotland   REI -  Wolfgang Reich, Germany   SAN - Jenny Sandison , Mahone Bay, NS   SHA - Ken Shannik, Halifax, NS  SIN - June Sinclair, Port Ludlow, WA, USA   STA - Barry Starling, Exeter, Devon, England   SUL - Anita Sulley, Hammonds Plains, NS   WAL - Patricia Walton, New Jersey, USA   WEA - John Weagle, Halifax, NS   WIL - Bill Wilgenhof, Antigonish, NS

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Rhododendron Species – Collected Wild  - $2.50

001    NIE     adenogynum cw 2002 Haba Shan,              Yunnan,China 4100m

002    NIE     aganniphum affinity - thin indumentum          form cw 2003 North Sichuan, China  4000 m.

003    NIE     aganniphum affinity - thin indumentum       form cw 2003 Northwest Sichuan, China  4100 m

004    NIE     aganniphum affinity - thin indumentum         form cw 2003 West  Sichuan, China 4200m       

005    NIE     argyrophyllum ssp. hypoglaucum cw             2003 East Chongqing, China 2200m

006NANIE     aureodorsale cw 2003 South Shaanxi,         China 3000m. Described in 2003 as R.    
ssp. auredorsale the collector    
            believes this deserves its own species status    
            and that it is more closely allied to

            R. galactinum. 

007    NIE     balangense cw 2003 Northwest    
, China 2500m.

008NA NIE capitatum cw 2003 NorthwestSichuan
         3900m   †1

009    NIE     clementinae cw 2002 Haba Shan,    
, China 4000m

010NAWEA  faberi AC4806 cw Zheudo Shan, Ganzi
         Prefecture - W. of Hangding 3800m  †1
         (2001 seed)

011    HEL    ferrugineum cw Switzerland

012    NIE     fictolacteum cw 2002 Haba Shan,    
, China 3650m

013    HEL    hirsutum cw Switzerland              

014    WEA  lapponicum GMNW#1 cw  Cape
, Nfld

015NAWEA  lapponicum GMNW#2 cw Cook's
          Harbour, Nfld. Biggest and best plant.

016    NIE     maculiferum cw 2003 East Chongqing,          China 2200m

017    CHA   maddenii ssp. crassum PW 153 cw    
          Phan Si Pan, Vietnam, 2620 m - fragrant.
          (Tender Tub Plant)

018    NIE     oreodoxa (v. oreodoxa ?) cw 2003    
          Northwest Sichuan, China 3500m

019    NIE     przewalskii - unusual glabrous form -    
         cw  2003,Dabanshanense, North Sichuan,    

Rhododendron Species – Collected Wild(cont'd)

020NA NIE   roxieanum - interesting form intermediate 
            between globigerum/roxieanum/cucullatum

          cw 2002 Haba Shan, Yunnan, China 4100m

NA NIE     rufum? - very good indumentum better
          than typical form!
cw 2003 Northwest Sichuan,
        China 3600

Rhododendron Species - Hand-Pollinated  - $2.00

022NA DOI  aureum  aureum
- selected for good yellow flowers †1

NA DOI     brachycarpum Roseum Group x            brachycarpum Roseum Group - selected for    
         dwarfness, egg-shaped foliage and good pink          flowers †1

024    CRA   calendulaceum #1 - Sunnybrook         
          selection, orange,4'x5'                                   

025    CRA   calendulaceum #2 - Georgia State    
          Trooper selection. Orange-red, compact      

026NA BIR     camtschaticum Kaernehuset red -
          op but does not hybridize (2003 seed)

027    CRA   cumberlandense (bakeri)
          'Top of the Mountain' - From Beasely Nursery,            GA orange-red, late, 3.5'x 4'              

028    CRE      eastmanii  x  eastmanii from layers

029    CRA   luteum - seedlings from Goteborg    
       Botanical Garden,Sweden,yellow,scented,6' 
030    WEA  mucronulatum ('Woodland Pink' x
'Cornell Pink') x self

031NAWEA  oreotrephes Bayport Hardy  x 
                     oreotrephes RSF70-054

032NA REI   pachysanthum ARS91-344 (Cox)

033    CRE    prunifolium "David Ellis"  x
                      prunifolium "Early Prune"

034NA  CRE    prunifolium "Woodlanders"  x
                        prunifolium "David Ellis"

035    BIR     roxieanum v. oreonastes
                        x    roxieanum #502

036    CRA   schlippenbachii – white-pink, early,
           parent very floriferous, good fall color  

037    CLY    schlippenbachii - pink, parent from

038    BIR     wiltonii #1  x  wiltonii #2

Rhododendron Species - Open-Pollinated  - $1.50

039    CRE    atlanticum "Cottingham"
            - colonial split petal

040    WEA  aureum Ostrom Compact
         (only roxieanum Globigerum in bloom nearby)

041    WEA  brachycarpum Bayport#1
          (isolated plant)               

042    CLY    calendulaceum - compact form,  
                    orange, probably selfed

043    WEA  calophytum JS9023 - dark red buds
                   (2003 seed)

044NA CRE    cumberlandense (bakeri)
         - seedlings   from We-Du OP group, pure

045NAWEA  dauricum - Ostrom good white  

046    WIL    kiusianum - pink forms

047NA WIL    kiusianum - white

048    SIN     lanatum cw Sikkim (2003 seed)   

049    CLY    luteum - yellow, fragrant, probably    

050    CLY    maximum - typical, full truss after 
probably selfed

051    WIL    maximum Red Form seedling
                  - reddest selection

052    WIL    minus Carolinianum Group - pink/white

053    CRE    minus Carolinianum Group
                  - prostrate, pure white, usually selfs.

054    BRU    mucronulatum
                 - semi-dwarf white, isolated

055    SHA   mucronulatum v. chejuense
         true seedlings will be small with rounded leaves,
            others likely crossed with taller form

056 NA  MAR  pentaphyllum Don Armstrong
                  -  likely selfed (2003 seed)

057    CRE    periclymenoides "Flat Creek Fuschia"
                 - R. canescens nearby

Rhododendron Hybrids - Hand-Pollinated -$2.00

058NA BIR     adenogynum  x  kesangiae         

059    REI      ['Alfeld Eos' x (discolor hybrid x
         schyphocalyx)] cinnarbar red  x  [makinoi
         "red"  x (yakushimanum x gymnocarpum)] †2

060    REI     ['Alfeld Eos' x (discolor hybrid x
         schyphocalyx)]cinnabar red  x  ochraceum †2

061NAREI      'April Gem'  x   mucronulatum 
                  'Mahogany Red'   (2003 seed)

062    BIR     [('Bambi' x proteoides)#4  x  ("Berg's              Yellow"  x proteoides)] WB0031  x
          citriniflorum ssp. horaeum  F21850

063    WAL  'Barbara Cook'  x  'Head Honcho'  †3

064    WEA  'Barbara Hall'  x
[(brachycarpum x aureum) x caloxanthum]  †4

065    WEA  'Barbara Hall'  x  insigne Birck  †4               
066    WEA  'Barbara Hall'  x  kesangiae 
                         RSF#91-070    †4

067    WEA  'Bellefontaine'  x  kesangiae

068NAWEA  'Bellefontaine'  x  roxieanum

069    REI    ('Blue Wonder' x dauricum v. album)  x
                          Dekatanum  †5              

070    WAL  'Bosutch'  x  'Hypermax'  †6

071NA  WEA  brachycarpum Bayport #1  x erosum

072NA  WEA  brachycarpum Bayport #1  x 

073NA  WEA  brachycarpum Bayport #1  x 
(mallotum x macabeanum) Berg

074NA   WEA  brachycarpum Bayport #1  x
                           'Sir Charles Lemon'

075    WEA  [(brachycarpum x aureum) x   
                           caloxanthum]  x sibling

Rhododendron Hybrids - Hand-Pollinated (cont'd)

076NA  WEA  brachycarpum pink  x 
                (mallotum x macabeanum) Berg

077NA  DOI     brachycarpum Roseum Group  x
                        proteoides Ascreavie

078    WEA  'Bravo'  x  insigne (Birck)

079    WEA  'Bravo'  x  kesangiae RSF#91-070

080NAREI   [(calostrotum ssp. keleticum Radicans x 
          'Radistrotum')  x  dekatanum  †1  †10

081    REI    [(calostrotum ssp. keleticum Radicans x
          'Radistrotum')  x  dendrocharis C.5106  †10

082NA DOI   (campylogynum 'Claret' x dauricum v.
          nanum White Form)  x  'St. Merryn' †18

083NA DOI     [(campylogynum 'Claret' x                            dauricum v.nanum) x dendrocharis]  x  'St.                 Merryn' †18

084    BIR     (campylogynum x hypolepidotum) 
               (campylogynum x hypolepidotum)

085NA     DOI     'Carmen' x brachycarpum                             'Roseum  Group' †1                          

086    REI      citriniflorum ssp. horaeum hybrid x
wardii hybrid
         - light yellow with reddish- purple buds   †7 

087    REI      citriniflorum ssp. horaeum hybrid x 
                'Honeymoon'  (wardii hybrid)  †7 

088    HAR   degronianum ssp. yakushimanum   
                      'Exbury'  x  argyrophyllum

089NA DOI   (dichroanthum ssp. apodectum x
           brachycarpum Roseum Group)  x
           (taliense x lacteum)  (2003 seed)

090    REI   'Dorte Reich'   x  concinnum P.C.5061†8

091NA  BIR   ('Fantastica' x proteoides R151)  x
                  citriniflorum ssp. horaeum F21850

092    BIR     flinckii Type Form RBGE  x  
                  pachysanthum WB

093    BIR     flinckii Type Form RBGE x strigillosum

094    WEA    'Francesca'  x  'Tantramar'

095    BIR     "Gold ???" (true yellow hybrid)  x
               citriniflorum ssp. horaeum F21850

096    BIR     'Gold Prinz'  x
               citriniflorum ssp horaeum F21850

097NA WEA    'Henry's Red'  x 
                      ('Fantastica' x  proteoides)Doi

098NA WEA      'Henry's Red'  x  'Tantramar'

099     REI      'Honeymoon'  x  pachysanthum  †1

100NADOI     'Hotei' aureum   †16

101    REI      'Hotei'  x  pachysanthum  †16

102NA  BIR   insigne SHH  x 
proteoides R151 RBGE

103    CLY    'Janet Blair'  x  'Dexter's Honeydew' †9

104    CLY    'Janet Blair'  x  'Dexter's Peppermint'                     †9

105    CLY    'Janet Blair'  x  'Glenolden' (Wister)

106    CLY    'Janet Blair'  x  'Great Eastern'

107    WEA  ('Lath House Red' x yakushimanum)  x
                             insigne Birck

108    WEA  ('Lath House Red' x yakushimanum)  x
                       kesangiae RSF#91-070

109    WAL  ('Maxine Childers' x 'Anna Delp')#4  x

110NA REI    minus Carolinianum Group  x    
dekatanum †1

111    BIR    'Mrs. Furnival'  x  proteoides R151RBGE

112NA BIR   x nikomontanum SHH  x  repens SOF†1

113NA BIR    x nikomontanum SHH 
                           x  sutchuenense pink †1

Rhododendron Hybrids - Hand-Pollinated (cont'd)

114NA BIR     oreothrephes  x 
dendrocharis CCH4012  †1

115    HAR   pachysanthum RSF78/064 
                                x  proteoides

116    HAR   pachysanthum RSF78/064 
                                x pseudochrysanthum   

117    BIR     pachytrichum  x  strigillosum

118    BIR   'Paprika Spiced'  x proteoides R151RBGE

119NAREI      'Pintail'  x  dendrocharis C.5106

120    BIR     proteoides 'Ascreavie' 
                      x citriniflorum ssp. horaeum F21850

121    BIR     [(proteoides x dichroanthum)#1  x
               ("Berg's Yellow" x proteoides)] WB0036
               x  citriniflorum ssp. horaeum  F21850       

122NA HAR proteoides  x roxieanum v. oreonastes                     †1

123    REI      ('Razorbill' x 'Laurin')  x cinnabarinu
          ssp. xanthocodon Concatenans Group

124    REI      ('Razorbill' x 'Laurin')  x  (cinnabarinum
xanthocodon Concatenans Group x 'Pink
          Drift')  †11  †12

125    REI      'Razorbill'  x  (racemosum SSNY47 x
          spinuliferum)intense pink  †1

126NA BIR     recurvoides  x  strigillosum  †1

127    CLY    'Red Brave'  x  'Henry's Red'

128    BIR     'Rosa Regen'  x  fortunei
          - for improved rootstock

129    REI      (sanguineum ssp. didymum  x 
"dark red") -late 
          x  ochraceum -early  †1

130NA  CLY    'Scintillation'  x  'Haaga'

131NADOI     'Snipe'  x  dendrocharis  †17

132 WEA  'Spellbinder'  x  kesangiae RSF91-070

133NA WEA  'Spellbinder'  x 

134   CLY   Steele's    "Catalgla F2"  x
macabeanum   RSF

135   BIR     taliense v. "cuculatoides" SBEC 350                    x citriniflorum ssp horaeum F21850
                  - hybridizer 
thinks this is his best cross of the year

136NAWEA  'Teddy Bear'  x 
Wisley Best (Berg)

137    BIR  [('Top Banana' x anwheiense) x  
                 (aureum x apodectum)]  x
                 citriniflorum ssp horaeum F21850

138    WAL  ('Top Banana' x 'Janet Blair')  x  'Paula'
                  - 'Paula’ is a hardy cream Mezitt hybrid

139    CLY    'Wareham' (Dexter)  x  "Forcat" (Steele)

140    BIR     watsonii Hummel  x  pratti

141    BIR     watsonii Hummel  x  sutchuenense pink

142    WEA  'Wyandanch'  x  insigne

143NAWEA  'Wyandanch'  x  kesangiae RSF91-070

144    REI      (yakushimanum x chamaethomsonii)
                  x haematodes ssp. chaetomallum †13

145    REI      (yakushimanum x chamaethomsonii)                   x ochraceum †13

146NA WEA  yakushimanum 'Mist Maiden' 
                            x erosum

147NA DOI   (yakushimanum x pseudochrysanthum)
x haematodes FCC (2003 seed)

148    DOI   (yakushimanum x pseudochrysanthum)
x mallotum

149    BIR     yakushimanum 'Schneekissen'  x
                  nikomontanum Kaernehuset  †1

150    BIR     yakushimanum 'Schneekissen'  x  rex

151NA REI    'Yellow Dane' ¥dekatanum   †1

Rhododendron Hybrids - Open-Pollinated - $1.50

152    BIR     'Charmant'
             - can yield plants similar to parent

153    WIL    'Gloxineum' - large conical pink trusses

154    WIL    'Haaga'
         - extremely hardy Finnish hybrid,dark rosy-pink

155NAWEA  (maximum x aureum)F2

156    WIL    'Nepal' - hardy, pink buds opening white

157    WIL    'Peter Tigerstedt' - extremely hardy
hybrid, white with dark blotch

158    WIL    'Red River' - very late red

159    HIN   'Sandra Hinton' - [brachycarpum
Tigerstedii Grp. x (smirnowii x yakushimanum)]  
        -extremely hardy (2003 seed)

160    WIL  seedling from  ARS92-608
          aka 'Ivory Cloud'- large outfacing ivory blooms,
          no winter damage in last 2 harsh winters  †14

161    WIL    best yellow seedl’g from ARS92-608 -
                   good non-fading yellow  †14

162    WIL    Mix of many  Rhododendron hybrids 
                    from HP & OP seeds.   FREE

Azalea Hybrids - Hand-Pollinated - $2.00

163    CRA   (bakeri x arborescens) Craig hybrid
                    selection, orange-red, 3-5', late.

164    CLY    'Chelsea Reach'  x  luteum

165    STA    'Puddington'  x  'Ambush'

166    STA    'Spital'  x  'Ambush'

167    CRE    'Summer Lyric' x
                     arborescens "Judd's Arb"  †15

168    STA    'Thingwall'  x  'Ambush'

Azalea Hybrids - Open-Pollinated - $1.50

169    WIL    Seedlings from a ‘Homebush’ cross,
                    many pink forms

170    WIL    Unnamed large white with yellow blotch

171    WIL    Unnamed pale yellow, large flowers

172    WIL    Unnamed bright yellow, small flowers

173    WIL    Deciduous mix - corals,white, pinks &
                    yellows   FREE

Companion Plants - Open-Pollinated - $1.50

174    HAR   Aconitum carmichaelii 'Arendsii'
        - Monkshood species from China, deep blue
        flowers - Perennial

175    SHA   Aquilegia alpina - dk. purple-blue 
         flowers, 2' tall, Seems to come true. - Perennial

176    WIL    Buddleia davidii (Butterfly Bush)
      - best purple, easy from seed, blooms in the
        first  year, arching habit, late. - Shrub

177    HEL    Campanula barbata  cw Switzerland
         (Bearded Bellflower) - Per./Biennial

178   SHA    Cardiocrinum giganteum - Lily relative,  
         very fragrant large tubular flowers, large  
          spade-shaped leaves. Tender but has been
          over- wintered in southend Halifax with
           protection - Bulb

179    WIL    Catalpa ovata (Chinese catalpa) -   
          creamy white flowers, blooms at young age,
          35-40'- Tree

180    WIL    Ceratotheca triloba
         (South African Foxglove)- white to pale mauve
flowers,3'+/- (via S. Stevenson '04) - Annual

181    SHA   Clematis campaniflora - white - Vine

182    SHA   Clematis heracleifolia
          - Small, pale violet-blue hyacinth-like flowers
           in clusters, fragrant - Shrub

183    SHA   Clematis integrifolia - herbaceous with
           soft blue nodding bell-shaped flowers,
           a sprawler. - Perennial

184    SHA   Clematis koreana - similar to C. alpina,
          dark purple flowers - Vine

185NA SHA   Clematis species cw Lake Bakal
          - very similar to C. integrifolia - Perennial

186    SHA   Clematis viorna - Small fleshy,
          pink-purple urn-shaped flowers, herbaceous.
- Vine

187    WIL    Clematis recta 'Purpurea' - purple 
    foliage,white flowers, herbaceous -Perennial

188NASHA   Clethra  tomentosa (Wooly Summersweet)
          - sim. to C. alnifolia, white fragrant flowers,
          wooly foliage. -  Shrub

189    SHA   Crocosmia paniculata - orange-red, 
          reliable bloomer, seemingly hardy - Bulb

190    SHA   Crocosmia 'Solfatare' - yellow flowers,
          grey- brown foliage, a reportedly tender hybrid

191    SHA   Crocosmia - orange-red seedlings -  
          Grown from seed mislabelled as another  
          genus. Hardiness not known. - Bulb

192    SHA   Crocosmia -  yellow - Bulb †1

193    SHA   Cyclamen coum 'Bicolour' - Bulb †19

194    SHA   Cyclamen coum 'Florescent' - Bulb †19

195    SHA   Cyclamen coum - mixed – Bulb  †19

196NASHA   Cyclamen coum 'Silverpoint' - Bulb †19

Companion Plants - Open-Pollinated (cont'd)

197NASHA  Cyclamen hederifolium 'Bowles Hyb.'†19

198NA SHA   Cyclamen hederifolium 'Fairy Rings'                 †19

199NASHA   Cyclamen hederifolium 'Ruby' -Bulb †19

200    SHA   Cyclamen pseudoibericum 'Roseum'
        - tender, requires a bright, cool, frost-free
          winter location - Bulb †19

201NA SHA   Cyclamen purpurascens  - Bulb †19

202NA SHA   Cyclamen purpurascens "Silver Leaf"                    †19

203    SHA   Cyclamen trocopteranthum
         - tender,  requires a bright, cool frost-free
          winter location  †19

204    SHA   Cyrtanthus brachyscyphus 
           - Easy, tender amaryllis relative with small tubular
           orange- red flowers in late spring & summer.
           Evergreen. Overwinter in a bright, cool frost-
           free location. - Bulb

205    HEL    Digitalis purpurea ex ‘Sutton's Apricot’
         (Foxglove) - pale pink,
         selected over
several years. - Biennial

206    WIL   Eremurus robustus (Foxtail Lily) - show-
          stopping tall spikes of white/pink flowers in   
          July, 7-9' - Perennial (fleshy root)

207    SHA   Eryngium yuccifolium - Narrow upright 
          yucca- like foliage, green sea holly type   
          flowers - Per.

208    WIL    Exochorda x macrantha (Pearlbush) -  
          white blooms in late spring, ~4' - Shrub

209NA MAR   Gaultheria miqueliana
          Beaver Creek #13447
         prostate evergreen shrub with white
urn-shaped flowers and white berries.Shrub†20

210    SHA   Gentiana asclepiadea (Willow Gentian) -
          blue tubular flowers on arching stems to 2'.

Great for cut flowers. - Perennial 

211    SHA   Gentiana asclepiadea 'Alba'
          - (White Willow Gentian) - as above but white.
          - Perennial

212NA SHA   Hippeastrum (Rhodophiala) elwesii -
          charming & diminutive Amaryllis with creamy
            flowers - green, peach, pink & yellow tones,
            evergreen, repeat blooms in our frost-free
            greenhouse, tender. - Bulb

213NASHA   Hippeastrum species  (Amaryllis)
           - red flowers on stems to 2', blooms several times a
            year as a houseplant with no dormancy required,
            tender - Bulb

214    SUL    Hosta 'Party Favour' - ruffled blue/green
eaves, mid-size. - Perennial

215    SUL    Hosta 'Abiqua Recluse' - golden yellow,
           shiny dimpled leaves, large - Perennial

216    WIL    Hosta sieboldiana - large crinkled blue
           leaves, white flowers - Perennial

217    WIL    Iris variegata (Bearded Iris) - yellow  
          with brownish-purple stripes, ~18" - Perennial

218    WIL    Kalmia latifolia 'Pinwheel'
         (Mountain Laurel)- evergreen – Shrub †20

219    MAR  Ledum palustre ssp. diversipilosum
Beaver Creek #13457    †1 †20

220    CRE    Leiophyllum buxifolium
          (Box Sandmyrtle) - low-growing evergreen  

221    SHA   Leucojum autumnale - a delicate 
          Snowflake with small white flowers and
          grass-like foliage. Needs good drainage. Late
          spring. Borderline hardy. - Bulb

222    WIL    Leucothoe fontanesiana
          (Drooping Leucothoe) - handsome evergreen 
          spreading shrub, good winter color Shrub †20

223    SAN   Lilium martagon (turk's Cap Lily)
          purple - Bulb

224    WIL    Magnolia x loebneri 'Leonard Messel'
- pink - Tree  †21

225    SHA   Magnolia  sieboldii - from cw. Korean 
          seed, white with pink stamens. Large  
flowered and vigorous – Tree  †21

226    LEV     Meconopsis betonicifolia
          (Himalayan Blue Poppy) - Perennial
           cultural info

227    SHA   Menziesia ciliicalyx ‘Dwarf Form’
         - deciduous shrub with attractive dark
         foliage, pink to purple pendant urn-shaped
         flowers. - Shrub †20

228NASHA   Mitraria coccinea - a tender shrubby
          trailing gesneriad from Chile suited to  hanging
          basket, tubular orange-red flowers, overwinter
          in a bright, cold, frost-free location - Shrub. †1

229    WIL    Paeonia lactiflora (Garden Peony)
     - OP seeds from many named cultivars - Perennial
       cultural info
230    SHA   Paeonia paradoxa
                  (officinalis ssp villosa) -
         Single bright fuchsia pink
flowers with
         blue-green foliage 18-24" - Perennial

231NA MAR  Phyllodoce aleutica   
BeaverCreek#13455 †20

232    WIL    Pieris japonica  †20
        white flowers in early spring, evergreen -Shrub 

233    LEV     Primula sieboldii - mixed - Perennial

234    LEV     Saxifraga - encrusted mix (Silvers)
                     - Per.

235    SHA   Serratula  coronata  Dwarf Form - late
          blooming "Thistle" with showy creamy-white
          flowers late in summer. To 12" high. - Per.

236    SHA   Smilacina racemosa
         - Solomon's Seal relative, arching stems with  
         terminal racemes of fluffy white flowers 
         followed by red berries. Full to part shade.
         3' - Perennial


†1.    Very limited quantity - please list substitutes.

†2.     'Alfeld Eos' = [yak x (discolor hybrid x
          scyphocalyx)] - orange-pink fading to yellow

     'Head Honcho' = (yakushinamum 'Siouxon' x  
          'Mrs.J.G. Millais') 2.5'x 3' Large 4" wide white
           flowers with twin rays of deep orange-yellow
           spotting on the dorsal lobe. ~16 flowers/truss.
           Raised in Ohio.

†4.     'Barbara Hall' = 'Road Red' x 'Prelude'

†5.     Seed parent has flowers similar to Cheju but earlier
          and plant is dwarfer.

†6.     'Bosutch' = ('Boule de Neige' x  sutchuenense)
           'Hypermax' = (hyperythum x maximum) Delp 5' x4'.
           Early bloom , esp. for a maximum hybrid. Large
           flowers, white with red speckles on the upper lobe.
           Full rounded truss. Compact, hardy, lusty grower.

           Large leaves, very dark blackish-green.

†7.     citriniflorum ssp horaeum hybrid = very dwarf Cox
          hyrbid RHS84/4c

†8.     'Dorte Reich' = minus Carolinianum Group x
          cinnabarinum ssp.  xanthocodon Concatenans

†9.     Pollen and Seed parents are highly fragrant Dexter
          hybrids. Goal is for fragrant hybrids.

†10.  [(calostrotum ssp. keleticum Radicans x
         'Radistrotum') =
purple pink, very dense, 25cm high
         x 40cm wide in 15 years

†11.  Pollen parent = red purple grp 65 b/c, base orange-
         red 35c, inside yellow orange 23c/d; tubular funnel    
         shape up to 7 flower/truss, 140cm high x 60cm wide
         in 20 years

†12. 'Lauren' = 'Purpur-Geisha' x pemakoense Patulum Grp
        'Purpur-Geisha' = minus Carolinianum Group x
        campylogynum Myrtilloides Group

†13.  (yakushimanum x chamaethomsonii) = red group
         53a/b indumented 22 x 36cm in 8 yrs

†14.  ARS92-608 = {[('Big Deal' x 'Donna Hargrove')
         x ('Golden Star' x 'Catalgla')] x wardii

†15.  'Summer Lyric' = prunifolium x arborescens and is              
           registered as 'Jeff'
          Flowers are a mix of pink with yellow throats.

†16.  'Hotei' = [(soulei  x wardii) x 'Goldsworth Orange']

†17.  'Snipe' = pemakoense x davidsonianum

†18.  'St. Merryn' = impeditum x
         'St. Tudy'(augustinii x impeditum)

†19.  Cyclamen germination - Stratification not req'd, seed
          germinates best at 55-60F. Surface sow & cover with  
          a thin layer of grit. Keep in the dark. May take a year
          or two to germinate.

†20.  An Ericaceous shrub - sow as per rhododendrons.

†21.   Magnolia seed has been partially stratified. Store in
           fridge in plastic packet as received until March/April
           then sow in warm soil.

FREE- To order only  free seeds send $2 CDN for postage & 
                   envelope a
s per regular instructions.

Additional notes:
‘Pintail’ (racemosum x ‘Snipe’)
 bright pink flowers.

(rupicola var. chryseum x hanceanum 'Nanum')
30cm (1ft) H5. This is a very slow-growing,

compact  plant with freely- produced
deep yellow flowers with long stamens.

 'Red Brave' 
'America' x 'Mars' 5Ft. hardy to -25F
Well proportioned, dome-shaped, deep-red flowers,
accented by white stamens.

citriniflorum var. horaeum   Neriiflora
Dwarf shrubs to 5 ft. Flowers (April) are orange-red to carmine. Found among boulders and cliffs of alpine moorlands at13,000 to 15,000 ft. China.

Maianthemum racemosum (L.)  False Solomon's seal.  Formerly Smilacina racemosaThis tall, plume-like lily produces majestic clumps . A dense panicle of small white florets sweetly scents the air in April-May. Translucent red berries ripen in August-September. Magnificent as a tall groundcover with spring bulbs and as a middle storey in woodlands. Beautiful arching downward with ferns on a cut bank. Tolerates many soils; likes a dry late summer. Full sun to part shade. Native from Alaska to California.   Height (3-4').  Zone 5. Award of Garden Merit (Royal Horticultural Society).

pink azalea


1.   Open-pollinated species, with the exception of a very few, may not come true from seed. Cultivars, with the exception of a few perennials do not come true. Plants from these seeds should not be labelled as being that species or cultivar. Be sure that you label the plants as being ‘OP’ in the case of species and ‘ex’ in the case of cultivars.

2.   See the RSCAR Members’ Handbook for an article on growing rhododendrons from seed.
       The article can also be found on the Atlantic Rhodo website.
      Growing Rhododendrons from Seed, the Easy Way is here on this site.

3.  When sowing rhododendrons on peat we recommend you sterilize it first. Microwave it for 15 minutes or pour boiling water through it   
     several times and allow to cool.

4.   We would like to thank the seed donors for their time and effort making crosses, collecting and cleaning seeds. We would also like our 
      membership to take note of the types of seeds donated this year. We highly encourage members to attempt their own hybridization of
      rhododendrons. Seed of uncommon trees, shrubs and perennials is always most welcome.

5.   A note on seed storage- Most Rhododendron and Azalea seed can be stored for a long time if stored in an air tight glass jar in the               refrigerator. Seed obtained this late winter-early spring can safely be stored until the fall and sown then.
      Seedlings grown inside over the winter achieve a better size for adapting to outdoor growing conditions.

Updated : Marc22, 2005