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R. calophytum





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Seed packets are $2.50 CDN each for collected wild, $2.00 CDN each for hand-pollinated and $1.50 CDN each for open-pollinated seed. 
One packet per lot per person. More may be ordered but are subject to availability.
All orders must be on the
form provided . Save this seed list for some of the footnote information.


Send all orders to: Sharon Bryson, #407 Old Maryvale Rd., RR#3 Antigonish, Nova Scotia B2G 2L1 CANADA  
Please make your cheque or money order payable to ‘Atlantic Rhododendron & Horticultural Society’.
Add $2.00 CDN for postage & padded envelope. Please list substitutes as quantities for some lots are small.

Questions or enquiries :  email


US regulations now require an import permit and a phytosanitary certificate.
Seeds sent to the US will be shipped without a phytosanitary certificate and at the orderer’s risk.





DONORS:   BIR - Jens Birck, Copenhagen, Denmark   CLA - Chris Clarke, Liverpool, NS   CLY - Bruce Clyburn, New Waterford, NS   COR - Wendy Cornwall, Halifax, NS   CRE - Mike Creel, Lexington, S.C., USA   DAN - Carol Dancer, Victoria, BC  DOI - Yasuyuki Doi, Hokkaido, Japan    DUF - Rosylyn Duffus, Fall River, NS  FRA - Audrey Fralic, Port Mouton, NS  HAN - Svend Hansen, Danstrup, Denmark   HAR - Gloria Hardy, Halifax, NS   HOP - Chris Hopgood, Halifax, NS  HYA - Don Hyatt, McLean, VA, USA  LOO - Jack Looye, Niagara on the Lake, ON  MAC - Philip MacDougall, Surrey, BC  MAT - Stefan Mattson, Enkoping, Sweden  NIE - Remi Nielsen, Norway  OST - Walter Ostrom, Halifax, NS  RAH - Fazal Rahman, Bridgewater, NS   REI - Wolfgang Reich, Germany  SAN - Jenny Sandison, Mahone Bay, NS  SHA - Ken Shannik, Halifax, NS   SMI - Ruth Smith, Halifax, NS  THE - Kristian Theqvist, Finland   WEA - John Weagle, Halifax, NS   WIL - Bill Wilgenhof, Antigonish, NS



Rhododendron Species – Collected Wild  - $2.50

001    HYA    arborescens

002    HYA    arborescens     Compact white - Collected wild, Macon County, North Carolina

003    HYA    calendulaceum Engine Gap, NC  Appalachian Trail in the Roan Highlands

004    HYA   calendulaceum Big Yellow Mountain NC (Roan Highlands) Oranges, bicolours & some good reds in area                              

005    HYA   calendulaceum Hooper Bald, NC large flowers, mostly oranges & gold           

006    HYA   calendulaceum Red - collected wild, Avery County, North Carolina

007    HYA   calendulaceum Yellow - collected wild,

                      Carter County, Tennessee

008    HYA   calendulaceum Mix (wide variation: yellow, orange, to red) collected wild, Mitchell County, North Carolina

009    HYA   calendulaceum Mix (mostly orange but some variation) collected wild, Jackson County, NC

010    HAN   elegantulum cw           

011    MAC  formosanum   Taiwan 2710M

012    MAC  hyperythrum   Taiwan

013    BIR     kesangiae, cw WB

014    MAC  rubrospilosum   Taiwan

015    MAC  rubrospilosum   Taiwan 2300 M

016    MAC  rubrospilosum   Taiwan 2975 M

017    THE    tomentosum, Turku Archipelago, Finland

018    NIE     tomentosum RAN0023 The most western  population known. Telemark County, Norway

019    NIE     tomentosum RAN0024 Second of two  populations, truly isolated and relic. Telemark  County, Norway

020    NIE     tomentosum RAN0025 Buskerud County, Norway. South end of Roytjern. 294M

021    HYA   vaseyi Mix - Collected wild, Transylvania County, North Carolina



Rhododendron Species - Hand-Pollinated  - $2.00


022    BIR     camtschaticum Goteborg - will come true

023    CRE    chapmanii  isolated selfed, 05 seed

024    CRE    eastmanii  



Rhododendron Species - Open-Pollinated  - $1.50

025    WIL    albrechtii

026    OST    ambiguum

027    HYA   arborescens  Large white (selfed?), original plant came from Macon County, NC

028    OST    brachycarpum  erimo

029    OST    brachycarpum, low form

030    WEA  camtschaticum, Rishiri form

031    RAH   canadenseAlba’ - white version of native Rhodora

032    WIL    canadense (Native Rhodora) - fuchsia

033    OST    caucasicum

034    HAN   decorum aff.  op

035    WEA  fragrantissimum

036    WEA  kaempferi, ex. ‘Hakodate’ (sibbed) Halifax Public Gardens

037    WIL    kiusianum - pink forms

038    REI      lapponicum OP

039    WIL    maximum

040    HOP    minus Carolinianum Group - dark pink

041    WIL    minus Carolinianum Group - pink / multi-budded

042    WIL    mucronulatum  - pink form

043    WIL    mucronulatum  - white

044    WEA  mucronulatum v. taguetii  dwarf form

045    CRE    periclymenoides Flat Creek Fuchsia

046    HAN   praevernum, selfed

047    HYA   prunifolium Orange-red Garden plant (selfed?)

048    WIL    schlippenbachii, pinker form (fall colour)

049    OST    schlippenbachii, from Meagher’s pink form

050    CRE    vaseyi, OP group Mary Henry Arboretum, PA   

051    OST    vaseyi, pink-lavender, good form

052    HYA   vaseyi              


Rhododendron Hybrids - Hand-Pollinated -$2.00

053    REI      April Gem’ x (moupinenese x aureum)     

054    DOI     aureum (deep yellow flower) x falconeri (pollen from Bhutan 3300m)

055    BIR     (aureum x horaeum) x pronum

056    BIR     ‘Bambi’ x horaeum

057    BIR     ‘Bambi’ x pronum wb

058    CLY    ‘Bellefontaine’ x R. fortunei RSF82/026

059    CLY    (‘Blue Peter’ x ‘Calsap’) x ‘Montego’        

060    DOI     brachycarpum v. roseum x proteoides BH064

061    DOI     brachycarpum v. roseum x proteoides R.151

062    REI      calostrotum ‘Azurika’(Hachman) x concinnum pseudoyanthinum

063    THE    ‘Calsap’ x  brachycarpum ssp. tigerstedtii, cp

064    THE    ‘Calsap’ x ‘P.M.A. Tigerstedt’†1, cp †25

065    REI      carolinianum  x  valentinianum v. oblongilobatum (intense yellow)

066    THE    ‘Charme La’ †2, selfed, cp

067    LOO    ‘Cherokee’†3 x ‘Casanova’

068    LOO    ‘Cherokee’ x ‘Rio’

069    REI      cinnabarinum Roylei x concinnum pseudoyanthinum                                           

070    REI      concinnum pseudoyanthinum x carneum

071    REI      concinnum pseudoyanthinum x ‘Pintail’

072    REI      concinnum pseudoyanthinum x  ‘Scotian Bells’   230

073    REI      concinnum pseudoyanthinum x ‘Honeydrops’†4                    

074    REI      concinnum pseudoyanthinum x cinnabarinum Roylei                          

075    REI        concinnum pseudoyanthinum x dendrocharis                                      

076    CLY    ‘Connecticut Yankee’ x ‘Montego

077    REI      dendrocharis A x ‘Pintail’           

078    REI      dendrocharis A x dendrocharis D

079    DOI     (dichroanthum Apodectum Group x brachycarpum v. roseum) †5 x lacteum

080    DOI     (dichroanthum Apodectum Group x brachycarpum v. roseum) x macabeanum

081    DOI     (dichroanthum Apodectum Group x brachycarpum v. roseum) x tsariense ‘Yum Yum’

082    REI      (‘Dora Amateis’ x moupinense) x               

                      dendrocharis A

083    REI      (‘Dora Amateis’ x  moupinense) x (moupinense x aureum, light yellow)

084    REI      ‘Dorte Reich†6 x concinnum pseudoyanthinum

085    LOO    (‘Double Charm’†7 x ‘Sweet Lulu’) x ‘Casanova’

086    THE    ‘Elviira †8  forrestii var. repens, cp          

087    BIR     ‘Goldprinz’ x pronum wb

088    BIR      ‘Goldspeckl’    x nikkomontanum

089    BIR     ‘Goldspeckl’ x pronum

090    REI      hanceanum (Canton Consul) x valentinianum v. oblongilobatum                                      

091    THE    ‘Hellikki’†9  x  ‘Henry’s Red †10 , hp         

092    THE    ‘Hellikki’  x  ‘Rasputin †11 , cp

093    THE    ‘Helsinki University†12 x calophytum, cp

094    THE    ‘Helsinki University’ x longesquamatum,

095    THE    ‘Helsinki University’ x prattii, cp

096    THE    ‘Helsinki University’ x taliense, cp            

097    REI      ‘Honey Drops’ x cinnabarinum Roylei

098    REI      keiskei ( y.f.) x dendrocharis

099    REI      lapponicum x campylogynum var.celsum x

                      ( dauricum ‘Album’ x mucronulatum ‘Album’)

100    BIR     makinoi (Briggs) x makinoi (Kew)            

101    REI      (moupinense x aureum) x spinuliferum     

102    LOO    ‘Mrs.Richard Fennicia†13 x ‘Rio

103    REI      (nivale ‘ boreale’  x  strictophyllum) x concinnum pseudoyanthinum

104    REI      pachysanthum x proteoides, selfed           

105    BIR     ‘Paprika Spiced’ x pronum wb    

106    THE    ‘Pekka’†14 x calophytum, cp      

107    THE    ‘Pekka’ x hemsleyanum, cp

108    THE    ‘Pekka’ x insigne, cp

109    THE    ‘Pekka’ x longesquamatum, cp   

110    THE    ‘Pekka’ x prattii, cp                      

111    THE    ‘Pekka’ x taliense, cp                    

112    REI      ‘Pintail’ x concinnum pseudoyanthinum

113    THE    ‘P.M.A. Tigerstedt x ‘Calsap’, cp

114    THE    ‘P.M.A. Tigerstedt’ x insigne, cp    1 pkt.

115    THE    ‘P.M.A. Tigerstedt’ x longesquamatum, cp

116    THE    ‘P.M.A. Tigerstedt’ x prattii, cp

117    BIR     proteoides R151 x pronum wb

118    BIR     proteoides R151 RBGE x proteoides BH-064

119    LOO    ‘Purple Reign’†15 x ‘Blue Baron’ 

120    REI      (‘Razorbill’ x ‘Laurin’) x cinnabarinum Roylei

121    REI      (‘Razorbill’ x ‘Laurin’) x concinnum  pseudoyanthinum

122    LOO    ‘R.O.Delp’†16 x (‘Casanova’ x ‘Barbara Cook’) †17

123    LOO    ‘Sandwich Appleblossom’ x (‘Casanova’ x ‘Barbara Cook’)

124    REI      (spinuliferum x dauricum nanum) x mucronulatum ‘Mahoghany Red’†18

125    REI      [spinuliferum x dauricum nanum (purple-red)] x dendrocharis

126    THE    ‘St. Michel†19 hemsleyanum, cp

127    THE    ‘St. Michel’ x   prattii, cp †25

128    REI      (wardii x macabeanum) X (aureum x ‘Prelude’)

129    REI      (wardii x macabeanum), selfed

130    LOO    ‘Wizard’ x ‘Capistrano’

131    REI      (xanthocodon x primuliflorum   cephalanthoides,white) x cinnabarinum Roylei

132    REI      {[ yak x (discolor Hyb. x scyphocalyx)] X (discolor Hyb. x scyphocalyx †27), Hobbie†20} X ochraceum

133    DOI     (yakushimanum FCC x pronum) X (mallotum x proteoides) Berg

Rhododendron Hybrids - Open-Pollinated - $1.50

134    OST    caloxanthum x williamsianum   

135    WIL    ‘Haaga’ - extremely hardy Finnish hybrid, 

                      dark rosy-pink

136    OST    “Lust”, “seed from a lost label plant that grows like stink”  FREE

137    WIL    ‘Nepal’ - hardy, pink buds opening white

138    WIL    ‘Red River’ - very late red, R. maximum hybrid

139    WIL    seedling from ARS92#608 †21

                       aka “Ivory Cloud”

                      - large outfacing ivory blooms, hardy

140    WIL    seedling, yellow from ARS92-608               

141    WIL    seedling from ARS92#765 †22 aka “Ruby Lemon” †23  

142    OST    seedling, “my Yellow”   [(brachycarpum x aureum) x caloxanthum]; low, compact, early, bright yellow     

143    OST    "my Yellow Hybrid #1” sibling of above yellow

144    OST    yakushimanum x rex





Azalea Hybrids - Hand-Pollinated - $2.00

145    CRE    flammeum  RedBank 3 x red flammeum      


Azalea Hybrids - Open-Pollinated - $1.50

146    CRE      "Between2Roads" periclymenoides / canescens natural hybrid

                      Pink, ball-shaped  truss, tubular florets

147    WIL    Seedlings from a ‘Homebush’ cross, many

                      pink forms

148    WIL    Unnamed - large white flowers- yellow blotch

149    WIL    Unnamed - Yellow, small florets, likely luteum mix, good fall colour    

150    WIL    Unnamed scarlet, large flowers

151    WIL    Deciduous mix - coral, white, pink, and

                      yellow shades   FREE

Companion Plants - Open-Pollinated - $1.50

152    SAN   Acanthus hungaricus (Bear’s Breeches) - Per.

153    DUF    Amsonia tubernaemontana (Willow Blue Star)blue bloom, late spring -summer 60+cm. - Per.

154  DUF   Arisaema flavum (Jack in the Pulpit) small yellow, slow to emerge in spring. - Per.

155    DUF    Asclepias incarnata (SwampMilkweed)    Butterfly favourite Pink  80cm            - Per.

156    DUF    Asclepias tuberose (Butterfly Weed) Orange bloom, tap root, resents transplant. ~40cm. - Per.

157    HAR   Baptisia australis (Blue false indigo) Blue-green foliage, purply-blue pea-like flowers.- Per.

158    WIL    Buddleia davidii (Butterfly Bush) - best purple, easy from seed, blooms in the first year, arching habit, late. - Shrub             

159    WIL    Catalpa ovata (Chinese catalpa) - creamy white flowers, blooms at young       age, 35-40’- Tree

160    WIL    Catalpa speciosa (Northern Catalpa) July bloom 75Ft+  - Tree

161    WIL    Ceratotheca triloba (South African Foxglove)- white or pale mauve flowers,  ~3Ft.  - Annual

162    WIL    Clematis recta, purpurea - Purple new foliage, white flowers Herbaceous 3Ft+  - Per.

163    SHA   Clematis viorna, small, thick, purple-pink, urn-shaped flowers Herbaceous

164    CRE    Clethra alnifolia  “Creel’s Calico” selfed, (Summersweet) variegated foliage. Do not fertilize  - Shrub

165    WIL    Cornus kousa ‘Chinensis’ Spring bloom, small tree

166    WIL    Corydalis sempervirens Blue-green foliage, pink/yellow bloom. Low- Per or self-seedling annual

167    WIL    Cotoneaster horizontalis Fern-like leaf structure, pink flower, red berries - Shrub

168    OST    Enkianthus campanulatus v. sikkokianus  (J.Weagle) excellent fall colour - Shrub

169    WIL    Exochorda x macrantha (Pearlbush) - white blooms in late spring, ~4’ - Shrub

170    DUF    Gentiana asclepiadea (Willow Gentian)   Blue form - Per

171    SHA   Gentiana asclepiadea (Willow Gentian)   Blue flowers, arching stems ~2Ft. - Per

172    SHA   Gentiana asclepiadea ex Alba’ (Willow Gentian) white form -Per

173    COR    Halesia monticola (Mountain Silverbell)   White flowers followed by winged fruit - Tree to 30Ft.

174    HYA   Kalmia latifolia White with red stripes (similar to ‘Peppermint’) - collected wild, Macon County, North Carolina - Shrub

175    HYA   Kalmia latifolia Mix - Mostly pink or white, collected wild, Macon County, NC - Shrub

176    WIL    Laburnum alpinum (Golden Chain Tree) yellow blooms in June. - Tree

177    WEA  Lilium henryi - Waxy orange flowers with green center and reflexed petals. Arching stems. - Bulb

178    DAN   Lilium martagon ‘Album’ drooping recurved blooms - earliest lily - Bulb

179    WIL    Lilium martagon Pink drooping recurved blooms - earliest lily - Bulb

180    FRA    Magnolia hyb. ex ‘Galaxy’  tulip-shaped, reddish purple flowers in mid-season on a fast-growing pyramidal shaped tree. †24

181    WIL    Magnolia kobus hyb. ex. ‘Leonard Messel

                      Pink flowers, early spring - Small tree †24

182    COR    Magnolia soulangeana (Saucer Magnolia) Large blooms - Tree †24

183    COR    Magnolia stellata (Star Magnolia) white blooms, early spring - Tree †24

184    WIL    Magnolia stellata (Star Magnolia) Dwarf form white blooms, early spring - Tree †24

185    SMI    Minuartia groenlandica (Greenland Sandwort) Alpine, rare, delicate white flowers, limited seed - Per †26

186    DAN   Paeonia anomola ssp. Anomola - Per 

187    DAN   Paeonia mlokosewitschii aka "Molly theWitch"   yellow flowers - Per

188    DAN   Paeonia officinalis ssp. Humulis  Early blooming, deep rose-pink ~12" - Per

189    SHA   Paeonia paradoxa (officianalis ssp villosa) - Single bright fuchsia pink flowers with blue-green foliage, 18-24" - Perennial

190    MAT  Paeonia suffruticosa v. spontanea  - Per

191    HYA   Pieris  floribunda White cw, Transylvania County, NC - Shrub

192    HYA   Pieris floribunda - Buds with pink tinge cw, Transylvania County, NC - Shrub

193    DUF    Platycodon grandiflorus ex ‘Hakone’ (Balloon Flower) white, double form ~70cm. -Per

194    DUF    Platycodon grandiflorus (Balloon Flower) white with mauve streaks ~70cm. -Per

195    DUF    Rudbeckia hirta (Gloriosa Daisy) double form, yellow-bronze shades -Per

196    WIL    Rudbeckia subtomentosa (Sweet Brown-eyed Susan) late blooming, tall -Per

197    SHA   Smilacina racemosa (Solomon's Seal relative) Arching stems with terminal racemes of fluffy white flowers followed by red berries.
                    Shade to part shade. 3'  Per.

198    CLA    Sorbus vilmorinii (Mountain Ash) Fern-like foliage, red - purple in autumn; fruits are rose-red, changing through pink to white flushed rose
                     - small Tree

199    COR    Styrax japonica (Japanese Snowbell) white pendulous flowers, late spring 20-30Ft. - Tree

200    DUF    Tricyrtis sp. (Toad Lily) spotted cream flowers, August bloom. ~50cm.Woodland - Per

201    DAN   Watsonia sp.   Bulb, from S. Africa, good pot plant



†1.           ‘P.M.A. Tigerstedt’ (also known as ‘Peter Tigerstedt’), super hardy Finnish hybrid             

†2.           ‘Charme La’, large pinkish-purple flowers, Brueckner's lepidote hybrid minus Carolinianum Group x  pemakoense Patulum Group

†3.           ‘Cherokee’ = a plant of the Hages, has large   orange-rose flowers            

†4.           ‘Honeydrops’= ‘Laurin’ x cinnabaranum v. Nepal A.M.

†5.           Dwarf shrub, small indumented leaves, orange flowers

†6.           ‘Dörte Reich’ = minus Carolinianum Group x cinnabarinum ssp. xanthocodon Concatenans Group

†7.           ‘Double Charm’ = ‘Queen Anns’ x ‘Golden Star’

†8.       ‘Elviira’, low growing red flowered hardy Finnish hybrid, brachycarpum ssp. tigerstedtii x (forrestii var. repens hybrid)             

†9.           ‘Hellikki’, red flowered hardy Finnish hybrid, smirnowii Seidel hybrid x unknown

†10.         ‘Henry's Red’, red catawbiense seedling x unknown   

†11.         ‘Rasputin’, Hachmann's dark flowered cross =  (‘Nova Zembla’ x ‘Purple Splendour’) x ‘Purple Splendour’     

†12.         ‘Helsinki University’, super hardy Finnish      brachycarpum ssp. tigerstedtii hybrid           

†13.         ‘Mrs. R. Fennicia’ is a Smirfort (smirnowii x   fortunei) with peachy-salmon flowers             

†14.         ‘Pekka’, super-hardy Finnish brachycarpum ssp. tigerstedtii x smirnowii hybrid, strong growth

†15.         ‘Purple Reign’ = (Tet. Carol. x fastiguum) x ( Tet. Carol. x ‘Blue Diamond’) / Tet.Carol. = tetraploid carolinianum          

†16.         ‘RO Delp’ = ‘Lodestar’ x ‘Mary Belle’

†17.         ('Casanova’ x ‘Barbara Cook’) is a good hardy yellow, Trautman Cross.  

†18.         ex ARS1987#456 Glossy, reddish-purple leaves, especially in winter. Flowers are purple-red.             

†19.         ‘St. Michel’, (also known as ‘Mikkeli’), super hardy Finnish brachycarpum ssp. tigerstedtii x smirnowii hybrid

†20.         Hobbie cross is coppery-red. Cross with yak gave orange-pink flowers, fading to yellow; back-cross with the Hobbie plant gave a dwarf, small-leafed

                 plant with red, tubular flowers on long stalks; aim with ochreum cross is a plant with more florets per bud.             

†21.         ARS92-608 = {[('Big Deal' x 'Donna Hargrove')

                                X ('Golden Star' x 'Catalgla')] X wardi

†22.         ARS92#765, (‘Barbara Cook’ x ‘Janet Blair’)

†23.         Pink buds open to outfacing florets, with dark burgundy flare and throat, florets age to yellowish

†24.         Magnolia seed has been stratified. Store in fridge in plastic packet as received until March/April then sow in warm soil.

†25.         cp = Controlled Pollination, where stigmas have been protected before and after pollination.

                Exception: ‘Hellikki’ x ‘Henry's Red’ was hand-pollinated on wet non-covered stigmas.
†26.         See article in February, 2007 ARHS Newsletter
†27.          known as  Rhododendron dichroanthum ssp.scyphocalyx

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1.       Open-pollinated species, with the exception of a very few, may not come true from seed. Cultivars, with the exception of a few perennials do not come true. Plants from these seeds should not be labelled as being that species or cultivar. Be sure that you label the plants as being ‘OP’ in the case of species and ‘ex’ in the case of cultivars.

2.      The 2007 Seed List will be posted on the Internet with insertion of images and links to help in your decision-making.

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3.       See the RSCAR Members’ Handbook for an article on growing rhododendrons from seed. An article can also be found on our website.

4.       When sowing rhododendrons on peat we recommend you sterilize it first. Microwave it for 15 minutes or pour boiling water through it several times. Allow to cool.

5.       We would like to thank the seed donors for their time and effort making crosses, collecting and cleaning seeds. We would also like our membership to take note of the types of seeds donated this year. We highly encourage members to attempt their own hybridization of rhododendrons. Seed of uncommon trees, shrubs and perennials is always most welcome.