azalea Gregory Bald Babylon Summer Eyeley R. ferrugineum R. maximum 'Rubrum' Magnolia sieboldii Summer Lyric  azalea Fern Gulley






Seed packets are $2.50 CDN each for collected wild, $2.00 CDN each for hand-pollinated and $1.50 CDN each for open-pollinated seed.  One packet per lot per person. More may be ordered but are subject to availability. All orders must be on the form provided

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Members and Non-members: Orders can be submitted after Feb28, 2009 until April30, 2009

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Send all orders to: Sharon Bryson, #407 Old Maryvale Rd., RR#3 Antigonish, Nova Scotia B2G 2L1 CANADA   Please make your cheque or money order payable to ‘Atlantic Rhododendron & Horticultural Society’. Add $2.00 CDN for postage & padded envelope. Please list substitutes as quantities for some lots are small.


US regulations now require an import permit and a phytosanitary certificate. Seeds sent to the US will be shipped without a phytosanitary certificate and at the orderer’s risk.





DONORS:   BIR - Jens Birck, Copenhagen, Denmark   CLY - Bruce Clyburn, New Waterford, NS 

DOI - Yasuyuki Doi, Hokkaido, Japan  EVE - Donna Evers, Hammond’s Plains, NS  MAC - Paul MacDonald, Martin’s Point, NS  McL - Lloyd McLean, Chester Basin, NS  PET - Bob Pettipas, Dartmouth, NS   RAB - Ron Rabideau, Camden, NJ, USA REI - Wolfgang Reich, Germany  SHA - Ken Shannik, Halifax, NS  THE - Kristian Theqvist, Finland   WEA - John Weagle, Halifax, NS   WEI - Barbara Weinz, West Bath, Maine, USA  WIL - Bill Wilgenhof, Antigonish, NS  WILL - Jim Willhite, West Chester, Pennsylvania, USA




Rhododendron Species - Hand-Pollinated  - $2.00


001    WEA  albrechtii Windsor good dark purple flower 

002    BIR     bureavii Reuthe x bureavii Adrishaig      

003    BIR     camtschaticum mixed colours                     

004    WEA  camtschaticum mixed colours                     

005    BIR     camtschaticum red form                              

006    WEA  carolinianum (R. minus) Jackson's robust plant

007    WEA  maximum (original “Red Max”) x maximum (“Red Max” selfed)[ foliage]

008    BIR     proteoides KGB#700B x proteoides R#151

009    WEA  quinquefolium 

010    WEA  schlippenbachii Meagher’s good big flowered form             

011    EVE     schlippenbachii 'Sid's Royal Pink’

012    WEA  vaseyi (good pink) x sibling

013    WEA  viscosum



Rhododendron Species - Open-Pollinated  - $1.50


014    WILL  arborescens superior form, long shiny foliage,very fragrant

015    WEA  brachycarpumTony Law’, selfed

016    WILL  calendulaceum "Big Yellow", OP ‘Zo Warner’ F2’s and Skinner azaleas nearby

017    WEA  canadenseAlba’ - white version of native Rhodora (2007 seed)

018    WIL    Rhododendron dauricum v. compactum f. roseum (ARS04#573) early, pink, dwarf (~8")

019    SHA   ferrugineum, pink

020    WIL    maximum, pinker form                  

021    SHA   rubiginosum

022    WIL    schlippenbachii, pinker form

023    SHA   vaseyi, white form                         


Rhododendron Hybrids - Hand-Pollinated -$2.00


024    CLY    ‘Babylon’ x sutchuenense RSF 76/092

025    CLY    ‘Babylon’ x praevernum RSF 82/0080       

026    BIR     (‘Bambi’ x proteoides) #17 x brachycarpum Erimo form (Doi)

027    REI      (‘Berg’s Yellow’ x proteoides) x citriniflorum Horaeum Group hybrid (Cox, very dwarf orange)

028    BIR     bureavii Adrishag x rex

029    BIR     campylogynum Holland x cinnabarinum

030    REI      cerasinum ‘Cherry Brandy’ x wardii L&S#5679

031    BIR     ‘Charme La’†1 x ‘Biskra’

032    BIR     ‘Charme La’ x cinnabarinum Nepal

033    BIR     ‘Charme La’ x cinnabarinum Concatenans Group

034    REI      cinnabarinum Roylei Group x rigidum

035    REI      citriniflorum Horaeum Group hybrid x wardii L&S#5679

036    REI      citriniflorum Horaeum Group hybrid x wardii hybrid (yellow)

037    REI      citriniflorum Horaeum Group hybrid x cerasinum ‘Cherry Brandy

038    REI      ‘Cordula Reich’ x rigidum

039    REI      denudatum C&H#7102 x self

040    REI      ‘Dorte Reich’ x ‘Quail’

041    BIR     ‘Fantastica’ x rex

042    REI      glaucophyllum (white form) x rigidum

043    REI      glaucophyllum (white form) x ‘Josefa Blau’

044    BIR     ‘Goldprinz’ x    rex

045    BIR     ‘Goldsprenkl’ x rex

046    PET     ‘Hello Dolly’ x metternichii F2

047    REI      [‘Hotei’ x (yakushimanum x dichroanthum / Jorgensen orange) †2] x citriniflorum Horaeum Group hybrid (Cox, very dwarf orange)

048    WILL  ‘June Achievement’ x    diaprepes

049    THE    ‘Kullervo’†3 x sanguineum var. didymum, cp

050    WILL  R. maximum “rubrum”kesangiae

051    WILL  maximum-discolor hybrid †4 x Sw. 12505-5 †5

052    WEA  mucronulatum v taguetii x (mucronulatum ‘Woodland Pink’ x ‘Cornell Pink’)

053    BIR     ‘Nancy Evans’ x fortunei

054    REI      (nivale v. boreale Stichtophyllum Group x russatum hybrid) x cinnabarinum Concatenans Group

055    REI      (nivale v. boreale Stichtophyllum Group x russatum hybrid) x concinnum Pseudoyanthinum Group

056    REI      (nivale v. boreale Stichtophyllum Group x russatum hybrid) x ‘Pintail’

057    BIR     ‘Norph’ x ‘Great Dane’ 

058    BIR     ‘Peggy’ x rex

059    THE    ‘Pekka’ x sanguineum var. didymum, cp †8

060    THE    ‘P.M.A. Tigerstedt†6 x sutchuenense hybrid, †7    cp †8

061    BIR     ‘Recital’ x maximum “Red Max”

062    CLY    ‘Red River’ x calophytum RSF 82/194

063    CLY    ‘Red River’ x ‘Hardy Giant’ †9    

064    THE    sanguineum var. didymium  x brachycarpum ssp. tigerstedtii, cp †8

065    REI      russatum Blue Black (Cox) x ‘Josefa Blau’

066    WILL  Sw. 58-297A †10 x diaprepes

067    WILL  (ungernii x auriculatum) †11 x auriculatum

068    BIR     wiltonii x bureavii



Rhododendron Hybrids - Open-Pollinated - $1.50


069    PET     ‘Golfer’                            

070    WIL    ‘Minas Maid’ - deep rose-pink, compact

071    WIL    ‘Red River’ - very late red, R. maximum hybrid                                                      


Azalea Hybrids - Hand-Pollinated - $2.00


072    WILL  ‘Summer Eyelet’ †12 x ‘Summer Lyric’†13

073    MAC    ‘Fireworks’ †14 selfed, hp

074    MAC    ‘Fireworks’ x ‘Gibraltar

075    WILL    “Gregory Bald Azalea” selfed, hp            

076    WILL    “Horse Stomp Arborescens” †15 x ‘Pennsylvania’

077    CLY      ‘July Jester’ †16 x arborescens

078    WILL    ‘Pennsylvania’ x ‘Summer Lyric’



Azalea Hybrids - Open-Pollinated - $1.50


079    WILL    (arborescens x bakeri, pink) yellow arborescens nearby

080    WILL    Fern Gully # GH 015, Ghent azalea OP selfed or x Fern Gully # GH 001

081    WIL    ex ‘July Jester’, vivid     reddish-orange flowers, medium height - late blooming

082    WIL    Unnamed azalea seedling from ARS01#539 R. cumberlandense, red selection; vivid fall foliage

083    WIL    Unnamed azalea seedling from ARS02#531†17 Large, raspberry coloured florets, late flowering

084    WIL    Unnamed azalea seedling small yellow florets vivid fall foliage (likely luteum mix)

085    WIL    Unnamed azalea seedling from Muntz hybrids intense golden yellow, compact form

086    WIL    Deciduous azalea, mix - FREE


Companion Plants - Open-Pollinated - $1.50


087    WIL    Aquilegia sp. ‘Black Barlow’, dark purple blooms, quite tall - Per

088    WIL    Allium ex ‘Mount Everest’, tall white. - Bulb

089    McL    Ampelopsis brevipendunculata  Porcelaine Vine - vigorous, grape-like vine. Beautiful   shades of turquoise-violet berries in fall - Vine

090    SHA   Clematis flammula - masses of fragrant white flowers in fall, vigorous - Vine

091    SHA   Clematis ochroleuca - hairy urn-shaped creamy-white flowers flushed violet - unusual clump-forming herbaceous species. 12" high. Per.    

092    SHA   Clematis viorna - small thick purple-pink urn-shaped flowers, herbaceous - Vine           

093    WEA  Enkianthus campanulatus v. sikkokianus hp, ericaceaous shrub, brilliant fall colour - Shrub

094    SHA   Enkianthus campanulatus v. sikokianus OP - brilliant red fall colour, dark red flowers - Shrub                    

095    SHA   Hippophae rhamnoides ‘Leikora’ (Sea Buckthorn) - Yellow-orange berries - large shrub               

096    WIL    Lilium martagon White drooping recurved blooms, earliest lily - Bulb

097    WEA  Lilium macklinae Pink, fading to white, ~30" Plant deep, avoid drought  - Bulb

098    WIL    Lilium orientalis, ex ‘Barbaresco’, dark, reddish pink, ~4-5 Ft. - Bulb

099    WIL    Lilium  ex ‘Midnight’, burgundy Trumpet, 5-6Ft. - Bulb

100    SHA   Magnolia loebneri hyb. ex.’Spring Snow’, white, - small Tree †18

101    PET     Magnolia macrophylum x ashei, huge leaves and blooms - Tree †18

102    WIL    Magnolia stellata (Star Magnolia) Dwarf form white blooms, early spring - small Tree †18

103    WEA  Magnolia  sieboldii  ‘Colossus’ - Tree †18

104    SHA   Magnolia  sieboldii  from cw. Korean seed, white with pink stamens, large flowered and vigorous - Tree †18

105    WEA  Magnolia  sp ‘Sunsation’ - Tree    †18

106    WEA  Magnolia virginiana (Arnold Arboretum's hardiest), selfed - Tree †18

107    WEA  Menzesia ciliicalyx (dwarf form) h.p. - Shrub

108    SHA   Stewartia pseudocamellia -White camelliia-like flowers in summer. Beautiful exfoliating bark - Tree           

109    WIL    Thalictrum rochebeianum (Meadow Rue) delicate purple flowers on a tall stalk. Per


Rhododendron Species – Collected Wild  - $2.50

                                (late additions)

110    RAB   R. ledebourii (dauricum) Altai Mts, Siberia. N51 32.133, E85 54.766 at end of wire bridge over Katun River. Seed from many plants. collected 8-19-07    

111    RAB   R. ledebourii (dauricum) Altai Mts, Siberia. N51 12.723 E86 05.200 Collection number ALT018 Aug 19, 2007. Seed from many plants.

112    RAB   R. ledebourii (dauricum) Altai Mts, Siberia. Assorted plants within 1km of N51 37.462 E85 42.113 Collection number ALT006 Southern Branch of the Central Siberian  Botanical Garden, Kamlack. Seed from many plants

113    RAB   R. ledebourii (dauricum) Altai Mts, Siberia. N51 08.703 E87 49.196 Collected from selected plant considerably more compact than typical.8-26-07 Plants were growing here in full sun as the dominant woody plant. Seed from one plant.


Rhododendron Species - Open-Pollinated  - $1.50

          (Late Additions from B. Weinz)

114    WEI    R. albrechtii  

115    WEI    R. arborescens a large flowered version, might be a hybrid. Plant from Joe Parks

116    WEI    R. schlippenbachii large flowers


Rhododendron Hybrids - Hand-Pollinated -$2.00


117    WEI    ‘Great Eastern’ x ‘Nestucca’

118    WEI    ‘Helen Everitt’ x ‘Dexter’s Appleblossom’

119    WEI    ‘Janet Blair’ x ‘Nestucca’

120    WEI    pseudochrysanthum x vernicosum (hardy form)

121    WEI    ‘Red River’ x ‘Cloud Nine’

122    WEI    yak ‘White Velvet’ x ‘Janet Blair

123    WEI    ‘Yellow Gate’ x  [hyperythrum x (‘Hotei’ x ‘Copper Kettles’)] †19


Azalea Hybrids - Hand-Pollinated - $2.00


124    WEI    ‘Narcissiflora’ x ‘Sylphides’

125    WEI    ‘Narcissiflora’ x ‘Lemon Lights’ 


Late additions from DOI

Rhododendron Hybrids - Hand-Pollinated -$2.00


126    DOI     aureum x parmulantum ‘Ocelot’

127    DOI     (aureum x wardii) x lacteum(RSF)

128    DOI     brachycarpum v. roseum x forrestii ssp. forrestii(RSF)

129    DOI     brachycarpum v. roseum x orbiculare(RSF)

130    DOI     brachycarpum v. roseum x pachysanthum(RSF)

131    DOI     (dichroanthum apodectum x brachycarpum v. roseum) x proteoides R151

132    DOI     (yak x pseudochrysanthum) x brachycarpum v. roseum



†1.           Charme La’, large pinkish-purple flowers, Brueckner's lepidote hybrid minus Carolinianum Group x pemakoense Patulum Group

†2.           Very dwarf bright yellow, 27cm high in 10 years

†3.           brachycarpum var. tigerstedtii x degronianum ssp. yakushimanum  A hardy yaku hybrid. Compact and round growth / Pink flowers fading white, upper lobes spotted green.          Weak points: Flowers could be larger.            

†4.           Late, white, tinged pink, fragrant      

†5.           Dexter hybrid of discolor, griersonianum & fortunei, in some combination; later, salmon pink flowers with a deep cherry blotch; used by Wister in his hybrids and produces pronounced blotches in offspring

†6.           P.M.A. Tigerstedt’ (also known as ‘Peter Tigerstedt’), super hardy Finnish hybrid

†7.           R. sutchuenense hybrid, hardy plants at Helsinki Botanical Garden, origin from OP seeds of R. sutchuenense at Gothenburg Botanical Garden.

†8.           cp = Controlled Pollination, where stigmas have been protected before and after pollination              

†9.           R. fortunei x R. fictolacteum is the Knippenberg hybrid registered as ‘Hardy Giant’

†10.         Late, deep rose pink flowers on a big plant; Wister hybrid; one of the Sw.12506 series (Dexter's Lady of June series, although Wister's notes do not identify the specific clone) x       ‘Michael Waterer’, an old ‘ironclad’ rose red.

                Sw. 12506 = Lady Eleanor Cathcart x decorum

†11.         Very late, huge white fragrant flowers; Gable hybrid

†12.         viscosum or a viscosum-arborescens cross; believed to be the latter; has a very long season of bloom, flowers heavily               

†13.         viscosum hybrid with peach flowers

†14.         ‘Fireworks’ is a large, late azalea (flowers about July 1 in NS) - large flowers - reddish-orange

†15.         R. arborescens var. Georgiana, grown from seed cw Coosa Co., AL  ARS 04-536

†16.         ‘July Jester’ = (R. prunifoliumS. D. Coleman’ x R. cumberlandense ‘Scarlet Salute’)

†17.         ‘Homebush’ x ‘Mt. St. Helens

†18.         Magnolia seed has been stratified. Store in fridge in plastic packet as received until March/April then sow in warm soil

†19.       aka Mark’s hardy yellow. ‘Copper Kettles’ is a Lofthouse hybrid

              (‘Hotei’ x ‘Copper Kettles’) was an unregistered Lofthouse hybrid. The cross of it with hyperythrum is very  fertile.                                





1.       Open-pollinated species, with the exception of a very few, may not come true from seed. Cultivars, with the exception of a few perennials do not come true. Plants from these seeds should be labelled as being “ex” that species or cultivar.

2.      The 2009 Seed List will be posted on the Internet with insertion of images and links to help in your decision-making.

Follow the links for ARHS Seed Exchange.

A link to the list will be inserted on the Atlantic Rhodo site.

3.       Also see the ARHS website for an article on growing rhododendrons from seed.

4.       When sowing rhododendrons on peat we recommend you sterilize it first. Microwave it for 15 minutes or pour boiling water through it several times. Allow to cool.

5.       We would like to thank the seed donors for their time and effort making crosses, collecting and cleaning seeds. We would also like our membership to take note of the types of seeds donated this year. We highly encourage members to attempt their own hybridization of rhododendrons. Seed of uncommon trees, shrubs and perennials is always most welcome.

6. Here are some useful "homework" links:

American Rhododendron Society

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 Rhododendron Species Foundation

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