Garlic Montage


The annual Garlic planting was done on Oct14, 2005.
While not the most photogenic subject, I thought it might be worth chronicling.

I tore apart quite a number of garlic heads to have the cloves ready to plant.
There were 175 cloves in this container of hard neck; not quite all of these were planted. The soft-neck variety had around 90 cloves planted. The giant variety had about 20 cloves. These numbers seem to ensure we have a year-round supply of home-grown garlic.

cloves to plant
The area had been previously covered by a crop of late buckwheat .
mature buckwheat, late Sept.
........... which was dug in leaving a readied patch.
dug up garlic bed
There were several rows of both Hard-neck and Soft-neck varieties.
planted rows
The cloves were planted in a slight trench, 4-6 inches apart...
garlic cloves in trench


The rows are covered with soil and tamped down firmly with the back of a garden rake...
.... each row is labeled on the ends.

tamped rows

In addition to the regular planted cloves, we usually add a few patches of 'seed' garlic harvested from the bulblets formed on the scapes of the hard neck varieties.....
bulblet cluster

These tiny ones actually came from the scape on a variety of 'giant' garlic given to us by a friend a couple of years ago. Each head is composed of only 4 very large cloves. We will see what comes of these 'seeds'.
bulblets from 'giant' garlic

These little  guys were planted in a few short rows quite close together.....
rows of bulblets

Another garlic source always seems to be the miscellaneous strays that have escaped harvest or were little and ignored at harvest. By fall many of these have put up new shoots and a bunch were unearthed, literally, when the patch was turned over......
uprooted garlic

rooted garlic
Not wanting to 'waste' this bit of effort, some were torn apart and replanted in a row much as one would do with leek or onion seedlings.

row of rooted garlic

The row was covered with just a bit of the green sticking up.
The patch is now completely planted and will only need a covering of old manure mulch  before winter.

garlic patch