at "The Willow Garden"

autumn views from the back and front

Autumn is a beautiful time in Nova Scotia , especially for gardeners. Cooler temperatures allow us to do some jobs that escape us through the hot summer. September is usually very warm and remnants of many blooms persist for several weeks. Frost may actually not occur until early-mid October.
One job that usually gets done on quite a scale is edging of all the garden beds. A fall top-dressing with our composted horse manure usually follows. Naturally there are some leaves to rake, bulbs to plant, seeds to collect, wine to start....the list goes on.

part of an edging job along bed with Japanese Maple & RhodiesA sharp spade and manual digging is the approach to getting most of the edging done. Weeds usually get dispatched during this operation also. Things have a satisfying look after all of this effort.

path towards golden privet
Another rather pleasant event that occurs in the fall is the arrival of new horse manure supplies.... we get two-three truckloads of this "blackgold" each year. It is a continuing garden chore to incorporate this humusy material into the soil and to use it as a top-dressing/mulch.
load of horse manure
 Many wagon loads get distributed through out the garden at all times of the year .

manure on new bed

Here is a view of the "hollow" beds with their new mulch December, 2006.
hollow beds Dec06

Harvest of the tuberous Begonias from the bed in front of the house.

Click here for a pictorial account of that fall job.

Garlic Montage

Fall is Garlic Planting time.
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Fall 2006 came along quite a bit earlier than some years.
Quite a heavy frost "did in" the tender things, and leaves fell somewhat earlier, perhaps due to the very dry late August and September.

Moisture supplies seemed quite well replenished by late October, with even some water in the pond.

pond after rain Oct21
Here are a few more images from this October.

Winter will come along whether we like it or not!

early snowfall...out front

Sometimes a winter is not what we expect.
The early winter of 2006-2007 gave us very few snowy scenes.
Just before Christmas, 2006, this was the view. We had only a smattering of snow which came and went all December and into the middle of January.
view Christmas Eve 06
Part of this day was spent planting several hundred bulbs in the Holland bed area.
digging violas 24Dec'06  Bill beyond Holland bed 
Several hundred Hyacinthoides and an assortment of Narcissus were planted
bulb Col


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