"The Willow Garden" through the Seasons
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Spring Images

crocus and stone/ Right click & 'view image ' will improve some images Crocus 'Tricolor' narcissus Romance narcissus 'Jetfire'
tulip Akebono
Narcissus 'Stradivarius' with Rhodie 'PJM' Rhodies PJM & 'April Rose'/ Right click & 'view image ' will improve some images tulip 'Spring Green' & company R. bureauvii, click to advance R. mucronulatum
Allium karataviense 'Ivory Queen', click to advance
Celebrating Crocus....................

crocus ancyrensis

Spring arrives here in N.S. in a most unpredictable manner. Among the first plants we will see are the Golden bunch crocus( Crocus ancyrensis).

These cheery crocus, the snow drops and the various other crocus gives us optimism that winter is behind us, even though green grass and emerging leaves are quite a long way off.

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Following the retreat of snow, the masses of mixed crocuses and snow drops 
seem instantly ready to bloom . This bed along the front of the house is carpeted with multi-colored crocus, followed by 'Glory of the Snow' and various 'Scillas'.
Glory of the snow

Two of our favourite mini-Narcissus, 'Jetfire'
and 'Jack Snipe'.
Jack Snipe
One can never have too many of these early blooming cheery little narcissus, which seem ever so happy to share a bit of space anywhere in the garden.

front perennial bed

The emerging foliage of thousands of 
narcissus heralds the next most anticipated period.This view of the front perennial bed has earth showing at this early stage.That will soon change.

Narcissus samples


Part of the bed along the 'gulley' combines the narcissus 'Jenny' with some pink and white narcissus plus Muscari latifolium, a tall two-tone grape hyacinth.
This bed is home to thousands of other bulbs, minor and major.
Rhododendrons in the bed are not yet in bloom.

Spring Green

Tulipa 'Spring Green' shares a spot in the Oak  bed with several Rhododendrons. This is a very versatile and elegant tulip which has been planted in many places throughout the garden.

R. 'April Rose'R. 'PJM', a very hardy form with deep burgundy winter foliage

Two early blooming small-leaf Rhododendrons 'April Rose' and 'PJM' grow just in front of the house under the birch trees. Groups of PJM make great early spring statements.
Rhododendron bureauvii/ Right click /'view image ' will improve some images
Rhododendron bureavii is one of the earliest large-leafed Rhodies to bloom. It is characterized by large pale pink blooms and new growth which is covered by a distinctive tan colored indumentum. In the background there are specimens of Rhododendron 'PJM' and 'Azuray', a semi-deciduous plant with gorgeous blue-violet blooms.

Allium karataviense 'Ivory Queen'
The Allium karataviense 'Ivory Queen' is a handsome, low-growing allium. It has beautiful purple-striped emerging foliage. The spherical blooms are sturdy and long-lasting, blooming here in mid-late June.The seed heads are attractive well into late summer. The regular species has purple blooms, but the same attractive foliage.
azalea 'Homebush' & R.'Nepal'
The beds of various deciduous azaleas are in prime bloom around mid-June. One of the best pink azaleas is 'Homebush'; shown here with the Rhododendron 'Nepal'.  Both are very dependable bloomers!  Check our Rhododendron Growing page for more information and images.

'Homebush' and sky
'Homebush ' has a very distinctive ball-shaped truss. It is one of the nicest pink azaleas commonly grown. The description of the color varies tremendously, some call it salmon; we don't think so! The pink here may be a little extreme, but it is still a good pink.
Our group of Homebush have grown to quite sizable proprtions and are the focal point of our mid-June bloom time.

Homebush azlaea group 2013
This is an image from June 2013


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  Updated Jan. 22,, 2023